Monday, November 3, 2008

Announcing a Partnership

Announcing a Partnership

Keep sending me your suggestions for people you'd like to see dead! I'm narrowing my list to the most interesting and challenging candidates. I may have to set up a bidding site for my services!

I would like to announce a new partnership. He's a complete killer, ruthless and unyielding. He goes by the code name "Death Storm" but when he's not on an assignment he's actually a nice guy. Well, "nice" is a relative term. You wouldn't want to get in a fender-bender with him, or cut in line in front of him. Or talk to him loudly. Or really even make eye contact. He doesn't like when you disagree with him, or if you don't measure up to his expectations. OK, maybe he's a bit touchy but he's been through a lot.

Death Storm is master of assassination, interrogation, and extortion. In his spare time he works on ultimate fighting skills, but of course he couldn't expose himself like that so he mostly fights in back alleys where cameras are banned.

Just between you and me, I think this may become more than just a business partnership. He's really complicated. Sometimes he's just like a little kid lost in the wilderness. Other times he's just a big baby. He's let me into his world a little bit, and after a couple of kills together I think we may have something. I mean he even talked about getting a tattoo of me! Then again, he does have some tattoos of people he's killed (and one tattoo by a tattooist he killed...for screwing up a tattoo of his sweet).

Well for now I'm just going to play it cool. With all the adrenaline from the constant danger and excitement, I don't want to mistake the rush for something real. Yeah he has his rough edges but inside I think he's just a lost boy looking for his girl.

BTW 2-man jobs cost double.

Posted: Monday, November 3, 2008 @ 8:14 PM

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